Version 4.5

-Changed some shortcut combinations in order to avoid default windows actions
    * Shift+S -> Alt+S (Virus Scan)
    * Shift+V -> Alt+V (Check with VirusTotal)
    * Ctrl+C -> Alt+C (Convert Archive)

-Fixed deleting existing files when extract password protected
 archive and enter wrong password
-Fixed using the same temp folder when converting multiple
 archives at once
-Fixed some problems with Unicode filenames

-Updated translations
Version 4.4

-Fixed support for LHA archives
-Fixed some small bugs
-Removed support for ACE archives due to found security vulnerability in UNACEV2.DLL library

-Updated translations
Version 4.3

-Fixed error messages are not shown when "Close IZArc After Extract" option is selected
-Fixed converting password protected 7-ZIP archives
-Fixed creation of CAB archives

-Added support for DEP and ASLR security options
-Improvements for speed and reliability

-Updated translations
Version 4.2


-Fixed some small bugs
-Updated translations
Version 4.1.9

-Fixed Error messages when add files to an archive with "Move" operation

-Fixed opening of files from 7-ZIP archives with default Windows program when the user has no administrative rights

-Added an option to show password in password input dialog
-Added an option to check the open archive or selected file from archive with VirusTotal

-Updated UnRar library to version 5.11.1
-Updated translations
Version 4.1.8

-Fixed extracting of empty files from 7-Zip archives
-Fixed some small bugs

-Clear also extract to folder history when perform "Clear History"
-Auto extract nested TAR archives from TAR.GZ files
-Added an option to perform single search in all types of supported archives in "Search in Archives" dialog

-Updated UnRar library to version 5.0.4
-Updated translations
Version 4.1.7

-Fixed: When editing nested file it is saved in wrong directory
-Fixed displaying of large file size value in archive properties dialog
-Fixed ordering of the toolbar buttons
-Fixed support for GZ archives with 64 bit information into the header
-Fixed opening of file from an archive when there are more than one file with the same name
-Fixed extracting files from an archive with PK Zip v2.0 encryption

-Added new functionality: Extract an archive on double click instead of open it with IZArc (Options ->Configuration ->Explorer Enhancements: "Extract on double click")
-Added support for ARC archives with compression type 4
-Added possibility to extract .EXE files (only supported types) from the IZArc context menu
-Added default "Solid Archive" option for 7-ZIP archives in configuration dialog
-Added an option in Extract dialog to close IZArc after extract operation

-Updated UnRar library to version 4.20
-Updated translations
Version 4.1.6

-Fixed extracting folders from an archive using Drag and Drop
-Fixed: When create archives IZArc uses DOS path separator (") instead of Unix one ("/")
-Fixed handling files with "[" character in the name
-Fixed opening of 7-Zip archives with encrypted file names
-Fixed resetting of list columns
-Fixed sorting of file list by "File Type"
-Fixed Tab Order on all dialogs
-Fixed: After deleted some files in Explorer Display Style the root of the archive is selected instead of keeping the  current directory
-Fixed: When adding some files to an archive in Explorer Display Style they are always added under the root of the  archive instead of adding them under the current directory

-Added support for multi-volume 7-Zip archives (open and extract)
-Added support for 7-Zip LZMA2 compression method
-Added an option to set all supported file types during unattended (silent) installation using /ArcTypes=ALL switch
-Show appropriate help (if available) when F1 is pressed on current dialog

-Updated UnRar library to version 4.0
-Updated 7-Zip library to version 9.20
-Updated translations 
Version 4.1.2

-Fixed wrong archive structure when compressing (using ZIP compression) single folder with many files and sub folders
-Fixed compressing read-only files and folders in 7-Zip archive format
Version 4.1.1

-Fixed displaying equal folders with the same name but with different case (Upper and Lower) in separate tree nodes
-Fixed extracting files without extension by Drag and Drop
-Fixed deleting of the archive file when extracting password protected multi-volume RAR archives and enter wrong password
-Fixed auto refreshing the folder where the archive is creating/extracting
-Fixed renaming of files in archive when the change of the name is just in the case of the characters
-Fixed resetting of file list columns when open an archive
-Fixed compressing files that have special characters in the name
-Fixed crashing of Windows Explorer when use context menu after unattended (silent) IZArc installation
-Fixed storing of favorite folders when use IZArc2Go

-Added support for CD images in Favorite Folders functionality
-Added an option to set default language and file associations during unattended (silent) installation
-Added an option to restore Windows native Zip file integration when uninstalling IZArc
-Added possibility to sort file list in Add Files Dialog -Updated translations
Version 4.1

-Fixed creating 7-Zip archives from the Windows Explorer context menu
-Fixed opening 7-Zip archives with Unicode names
-Fixed adding folders to the Favorites List
-Fixed rendering of IZArc Shell Context Menu under Windows Vista
-Fixed extracting folders which name begins with a period (.)
-Fixed extracting of selected folder that contains sub folders
-Fixed extracting of TAR archives
-Fixed editing of comments (for ZIP archives)
-Fixed Drag and Drop of Files and Folders to CAB archives
-Added an option to create 7-Zip Solid archives
-Added more descriptive error messages
-Added an option to rename files in archives (for ZIP, BH, JAR, LHA and TAR archives only)
-Improved external antivirus scanners support
-Force the user to enter a password when adding files and encryption method is selected
-Some small improvements
Version 4.0 beta 1 Build 176

-Improved 7-ZIP support (including Add files to archive, Delete files from archive and Test archive)
-Added "Always on top" option under "Options" menu
-The first entered correct password is applied to all archive operations until archive is closed
-Reuse the last selected output archive type when convert an archive
-Keep "Background" status while extracting number of archives in the same time
-Fixed: When create ZIP archives IZArc uses DOS path separator (") instead of Unix one ("/")
-Fixed extraction of CAB SFX archives
-Fixed extraction of folders that have dot in the beginning of the name (.test)
-Fixed: Lost files during convert from Zip to 7-Zip archive
-Fixed: It is not possible to open files from an archive folder with name ".."
-Fixed: Wrong password when modifying files from AES encrypted archives
-Fixed: IZArc is not visible when it has been ran on second monitor and then it is run on single one
-Fixed: Unable to open an archive from another one when "Reuse IZArc Windows" is selected
-Fixed: When compress an file to BZip2 archive the file extension is wrong (.tar.tar.bz2)
-Fixed: Temporary directory that is set in IZArc configuration is not used when creating an archive
-Fixed: When extracting files with dot (.) in the beginning of the name, the dot is removed
-Fixed: Unable to overwrite existing read-only files when "Replace All" is clicked
-Fixed: Empty folders are not extracted during drag and drop
-Fixed: Long time delay when right click on network file
-Updated UnRar library
-Some small improvements
-Updated translations (all language files are saved in Unicode)
Version 3.81 Build 1550

-Fixed: Zip files and folders with non English names
-Fixed: Split/Merge Zip archives containing non English filenames
-Fixed: Extract CAB SFX archives
-Fixed: Show the amount of extracted files from TGZ archives.
-Updated translations 
Version 3.8 Build 1510

-Fixed: Shell context menu under Windows Vista (Now IZArc is 100% Vista (32-bit) compatible)
-Fixed: Confirm File Overwrites when extracting *.tar.gz archives
-Fixed: Compress folders with file names beginning with dot (.test)
-Fixed: Shortcuts working directory when do CheckOut
-Fixed: Modify and update files in subfolders
-Fixed: Drag and Drop folder from an archive to Windows Explorer does not extract subfolders
-Fixed: Extraction process is terminated if some error occurs
-Fixed: Extract multi-volume ARJ archives
-Fixed: Check for update
-Fixed: Zip SFX archive crashes when is unable extracting directory to be created
-Added  option to compress/extract archives in background (low process priority)
-Added  7-Zip SFX creation support
-Updated UnRar library
-Some small improvements
-Updated translations
Version 3.7 Build 1430

-Fixed: extract archives in folders with too long names
-Fixed: Extract of RAR archives with non English filenames
-Fixed: add hundreds of selected files using shell context menu
-Fixed: create CAB archives containing files and folders with relative path
-Fixed: create/update ZIP archives on USB drive
-Fixed: extracting of .Z archives containing files with no extension.
-Fixed: print Archive content
-Fixed: open an archive from favorites folders
-Fixed: extract ARJ SFX archives
-Fixed: 100% CPU usage when open file from an archive
-Fixed: modify encrypted files from an archives
-Fixed: wrong file extension when convert archive
-Improved 7-Zip BCJ2 compression
-Added "Open with IZArc" shell context menu item for all supported archives
-Added option to show shell context menu items for compressing archives
-Added option to include/exclude folder information when using "Add to.." shell context menu items
-Updated RAR DLL library
-Some small improvements
-Updated translations
Version 3.6 Build 1260

-Added support for BZip compression for ZIP archives (WinZip 9 compatible)
-Added support for ZIP AES (128, 192 and 256 bit) encryption (WinZip 9 compatible)
-Added support for archives > 4GB
-Added support for store empty subfolders
-Improved "Add files" dialog
-Added different icons for every archive type that is associated with IZArc
-Added "Clear History" option
-Added "Import/Export Settings" options
-Removed file browser. Now IZArc starts faster
-Fixed: extracting of GZip (.gz) archives
-Fixed: extracting files with duplicated names in archives by drag and drop
-Fixed: update of status bar when select files using keyboard
-Fixed: progress bar status when compress/extract 7-Zip archives
-Fixed: using Windows colors for IZArc main controls
-Removed error message when open empty ZIP archives
-Date format used by IZArc is synchronized with Windows current date format
-Updated 7-zip32, UnAce and UnRar DLL libraries
-Some small improvements and bugs fixing
Version 3.5 beta 3

-Fixed Drag&Drop to Windows
-Fixed ACE archives support
-Fixed uncompressing TAR.GZ archives
-Correctly saving and restoring columns positions
-Password support when creating 7zip archives
-SFX stubs now are installed under IZArc folder
-Increased Recent Archives history from 5 to 10
-Some small bug fixes and improvements
-New/Updated translations
Version 3.5 beta 2

-Added CD/DVD Images support (Open and extract) - (ISO, BIN, MDF, NRG, IMG, C2D,  PDI, CDI)
-Added CD Image Converter tool (Bin -> ISO, MDF -> ISO, NRG -> ISO, PDI - > ISO)
-Added support for AVG Antivirus scanner version 7 (In IZArc configuration dialog, under "Program Locations"->"Virus Scanner" select avgw.exe from your AVG installation folder. Also put "/se" (without quotes) as parameter)
-Improved "Search in Archives" dialog
-Improved "CheckOut" dialog
-New/Updated translations
Version 3.5 beta 1

-Open an archive when drop it on the IZArc toolbar
-Fixed "Reuse IZArc windows" function so now it could be used to open archives faster
-Remove "Test" option from the shell context menu for CAB files.
-Perform automatic test when the "Test" dialog is shown
-"Search in Archives" window can be maximized now
-Fixed Date and time ordering in "Search in Archives" dialog
-Added scrollbars to the "Comments" window
-Fixed problem archiving .dll files under Windows 98
-Show an IZArc button on the Windows taskbar when performing some actions from the  IZArc shell context menu
-Silent Installation possibility
-New/Updated translations
-New Skins
-Some small improvements and bugs fixing

-Fixed installation bug on Windows 98
-New/Updated translations
-New skins
-Small improvements

-Fixed Reuse IZArc Windows functionality when open archive from other opened one.
-Updated some translation files

-Fixed some small bugs
-Some small improvements
Version 3.4.1

-Fixed problem with large CPU usage when open a file from an archive
-Added possibility to extract empty sub-folders
-Updated some translation files (Danish, Polish, French, Italian, Chinese)
-Added Estonian language support (thanks to Toomas Tomberg)
-Added new skins
-Fixed some small bugs
-Some small improvements
Version 3.4

-Removed "Password Hacker" functionality. It will be develop as a separate application.
-Added possibility to open, edit and automatically update files in the archive.
-Added "CheckOut Base Folder" option
-Added "Extract to " item in Explorer context menu
-Added "Test" item in Explorer context menu
-Added "Open with IZArc" item in Explorer context menu (for SFX ".EXE" Archives)
-Fixed bug using IZArc under WinNT/2000/XP from standard users
-Fixed "Reuse IZArc Windows" function
-Fixed Command Line Interface (see the help file for more details)
-Fixed opening and extracting .TGZ archives
-Updated 7-zip32, Yz1 and UnRar DLL libraries
-Added Chinese language support (thanks to JAKE LIN)
-Added Taiwanese language support (thanks to JAKE LIN)
-Added Finnish language support (thanks to Niko Jakobsson)
-Added Japanese language support (thanks to chinQ)
-Added Swedish language support (thanks to Leif Larsson)
-Added Danish language support (thanks to Werner Knudsen)
-Added Hungarian language support (thanks to Leonard Nimoy)
-Added Russian language support (thanks to Sergey)
-Added Turkish language support (thanks to Murat CIZ)
-Added Spanish (Uruguay) language support (thanks to Gonzalo Ferreira)
-Added Spanish (Latin America) language support (thanks to Marcos A. Andrade)
-Added Arabic language support (thanks to Khalid Al-Musaihij)
-Added Serbian (Cyrillic) and Serbian (Latin) language support (thanks to B. Jotev)
-Added Indonesian language support (thanks to Darojatun)
-Some small improvements
-New Skins
Version 3.3.1

-Fixed some small bugs
-Added new skins
-Some small improvements
Version 3.3

-Added possibility to convert multiple archives
-Skinnable Toolbar
-Select custom toolbar buttons feature
-Minimize to Tray feature
-Reuse IZArc Windows feature
-Added UnSFX tool (Convert self-extracting (SFX) .EXE files to standard archives)

-Encryption Support: Encrypt/Decrypt files or archives using Rijandael - AES (256-bits).
-Improved shell context menu options (Display context menu items in a submenu,  Display icons on context menus)
-Fixed problem with opening ACE and RAR multi-volume sets
-Added Slovak language support
Version 3.2.2

-Added possibility to convert multiple archives
-Fixed Explorer Context Menu bugs
-Added "Extract to..." and "Extract Here" items to the menu which is displayed
 when a user drag and drops files with   the right mouse button.    
-Added Norwegian language support (thanks to Morten Lunde)
-Added Slovenian language support (thanks to Maksimiljan Gulie)
-Some small improvements
Version 3.2.1

-Added MIME (Base64) Encode/Decode support
-Added Create Multi-Volume Set tool - Now it is possible to create PKZip/WinZip compatible  multi-volume  archives (.z01, .z02, ..., .zip)
-Added Merge Multi-Volume Set tool
-Added translation info in the About box
-Convert tool improved. Added support for all archives supported by IZArc
-Some small improvements
Version 3.2

-Added Explorer Display Style - Now it is possible to navigate through an archive like through folders in Windows Explorer.
-Added Virus Scan feature - Now it is possible to checking for viruses in an archive.
-Added 7-Zip Archives (*.7z) support (beta)
-Added CPIO Archives (*.cpio) support (beta - extract only)
-Added AR Archives (*.a; *.lib) support (beta - extract only)
-Added RPM Package (*.rpm) support (beta - extract only)
-Added Debian Package (*.deb) support (beta - extract only)
-Added BGA Archives (*.gza; *.bza) support (beta)
-Added GCA Archives (*.gca) support (beta - extract only)
-Added TAZ Archives (*.tar.z; *.taz; *.tz) support (beta - extract only)
-Added Yz1 Archives (*.yz1) support (beta)
-Added German language support (thanks to FoneBone)
-Added Dutch language support (thanks to Bert van Velsen)
-Added Czech language support (thanks to Adam Feistner)
-Added Spanish language support (thanks to Angel Velasco)
-Added French language support (thanks to Patrick Frasnier)
-Added Catalan language support (thanks to Pau Bosch i Crespo)
-Added Portuguese language support (thanks to Soninhu Soninhu)
-Some small improvements

Version 3.1.6

-Updated UnAce and UnRar library
-Updated the help file
-Fixed open network file bug (thanks to Steve Basford for the test support)
-Some small improvements
Version 3.1.5

-Added View/Hide Columns option
-Improved open archive speed
-Improved "Extract to.." Explorer context menu item. Now is possible to select multiple archive files for extraction
in a single operation from the Explorer window.
-Added "Extract Here" Explorer context menu item
-Fixed some minor bugs 
Version 3.1.1

-Change IZArc Icon
-Fixed some minor bugs
Version 3.1

- IZip has been renamed to IZArc
- Some small improvements
Version 3.0b1

- Added support for BZip2 Archives: Now is possible to compress and decompress BZip2 Archives.
- Added "Repair Archive" feature: Repair broken ZIP archives.
- Added "Search in Archives" feature: Search in many archives for any files.
- Added "Favorite Folders" feature
- Imroved the creation of SFX (Self-Extracting Archives) from ZIP archives
- Some small improvements
- Many bug fixes
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