IZArc is one of the most used freeware archiving and compression software. It can handle more than 50 archive file formats as well as CD/DVD images. It can make your documents password protected with very strong encryption.

IZArc can be integrated into Windows Explorer context menu for fast file operations. It is fully Windows 7/8/10/11 compatible. If you have  different archive files and you want to convert them to one format IZArc is able do that with few simple steps.

You can setup IZArc to use your preferred antivirus software to be sure that every archive file you receive is virus free. If you have some broken archives IZArc can repair them so they will be used again.
Why Donate?

I develop IZArc in my spare time, but it takes a lot of it and the support via emails and web forums takes even more time. I do all of that for nothing. Anyway, domain registration and bandwidth cost money that I pay by myself. Your donations will go a long way in helping me improve IZArc and provide you with ever greater features for free. Thank you.

Bitcoin (satoshi) donations are also possible.
Just scan the QR code with a compatible Lightning wallet.
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